Our Objectives

The objectives of the Aarogya Srijan Nyas are

  • To contribute In the development of a society where the people are able to live a healthy and joyful life sans physical and mental stress through the practice of Preksha Meditation, Yoga and Naturopathy.
  • To guide individuals on the path to self-realization through the correct practice and technique of Preksha Meditation. Kayotsarga, and Mantra Sadhna.
  • To awaken moral and cultural values in society.

Our Services

Corporate Yoga Training

In the increasingly challenging corporate environment, the employees are always under the performance pressure. The expectations with them are high and the working hours are long. Maintaining health and fitness in these circumstances is difficult. We help you with it. Smita Soni brings specialized, bespoke corporate training programs to remove the stress from the body and mind. The training improves alertness and helps people in remaining calm in the most challenging situations.
The package has an excellent mix of real-life relaxation techniques and Yoga stretches for not only deskbound employees but for those who are always moving. Your team members develop a great understanding of things that are required to keep them fit. Just by following simple Yogic postures and ergonomic and fitness mantras, they can remain healthy and active always.


  • Relief in minor health problems such as headache, pain in the neck and back, and work-related injuries like repetitive stress injury.
  • Keeping lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes under control.
  • General well-being in the workplace and reduced attrition rate.

Group Training

Group training is an interactive and engaging session for a group of people with similar attributes, e.g., homemakers, students, senior people or doctors.
Since the group is homogeneous, it creates better harmony and synergy.


  • Better engagement level.
  • Specific and focused Yoga sessions.
  • Relaxation of mind and body.
  • Bespoke training programs that meet the expectations of the whole group.

Personal Training

At Aarogya Srijan Nyas, the personalized Yoga training program is designed keeping the needs and expectations of the individual.


  • The individual goals tune into an exercise routine to reach the destination.
  • It is a unique experience for everyone.
  • Personalized lifestyle tips.

Quick Contact

Contact Information

Address: 530, 5th Floor Mahagunpuram, Mehrauli, Ghaziabad, 201005.
Phone: 7678552785 / 7043713809
Email: aarogyasrijannyas@gmail.com

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